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What is the process of stainless steel green facade?


The process of stainless steel green facade is as follows:

1. Connect the plated metal to the positive electrode.

2. Connect the object to be electroplated to the negative electrode.

3. The positive and negative electrodes are connected by an electrolyte solution composed of positive ions of the plated metal.

4. When the direct current power supply is applied, the metal in the positive electrode will be oxidized (lose electrons), and the positive ions in the solution will be reduced (get electrons) into atoms in the negative electrode and accumulate on the surface of the negative electrode. After electroplating, the beauty of the object is related to the current. The smaller the current is, the more beautiful the object will be; On the contrary, there will be some uneven shape. The main uses of electroplating include the prevention of metal oxidation (such as corrosion) and decoration.

5. Chemical Blackening. This method can be divided into acid blackening and alkaline blackening. The acid black film has uniform color, thin and firm, good adhesion, but the film is porous and poor wear resistance.

6. Electrolytic oxidation. The thickness of the film is two black, the wear resistance of the film is poor, and it is easy to burst automatically

7. Chemical heat treatment. In the special equipment, the film is firm and has good adhesion; Beautiful color, dense surface.

8. BRN treatment. In the special equipment, the special ion modification method has the advantages of good adhesion, beautiful surface color and good friction resistance..




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