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Functions of metal cloth curtain


Functions of metal cloth curtain:

1. Adjust the light: by adjusting the angle of the metal curtain to control the light, the light can be adjusted to the best position.

2. Many colors: metal cloth curtain has a variety of colors, textures, specifications, and metal color matching of metal cloth curtain and accessories can be combined into a variety of metal colors, which will not cause visual confusion, and can meet the high aesthetic needs of home decoration.

3. UV protection: the surface color of metal cloth curtain adopts lead-free coating, which is light resistant and UV resistant.

4. Environmental protection and energy saving: metal cloth curtain uses aluminum blades with high thermal reflectance to reflect most of the sunlight heat, which helps to improve the cooling and heating effect of air conditioning and achieve the purpose of energy saving.

The advantages of metal cloth curtain are mainly reflected in the market. In the home building materials market, it has absolute advantages. The installation of metal cloth curtain is convenient and can be used in various decoration places. Generally, metal cloth curtain is mainly used in the high-end decoration of ceiling, stairs and elevator. Metal cloth curtain is painted by baking process, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and color fastness.



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