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Decorative mesh for exterior wall cladding art planning


Decorative mesh for exterior wall cladding art planning is generally integrated into the overall planning of construction and environment, although it has its own functions and application principles. But in the specific operation, it is also necessary to carry out the overall planning. Its planning principles and principles can be basically divided into the following aspects. First, it should be integrated with the overall conception of construction and environment, and carry out organic and flawless conception and planning. It is necessary to give full play to its identity on the basis of not damaging the overall environmental planning. Second, we should select suitable metal materials according to certain construction and environmental functions and grades. It is obviously not suitable for stainless steel columns and aluminum alloy plates to appear in schools, hospitals and houses.

Decorative mesh for exterior wall cladding art uses science and technology to express the beauty of technology and craft, but its expressive force has a certain planning, and it is not easy to give people a warm and intimate feeling. Third, we should respect the lifestyle and cultural tradition of a nation and a society. Because the art of construction and environment has certain local characteristics, when metal materials replace local materials to express the local and national construction and environment, it is necessary to consider the use of expression methods and combine them with local characteristics.

Generally speaking, metal art is the product of modern society, because before that. Its external force is constrained by technology and productivity, and has not been fully exerted. It can be used boldly in modern construction, but it should be used steadily in traditional construction. Fourth, we should consider the mental needs of the users of construction and environment. After decoration art, we provide users with graphics, text, light and color, phenomenon, etc.




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