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Characteristics of scale mesh curtain


Scale mesh curtain is a new type of building decoration material, which is widely used in facade, partition, ceiling, sunshade, balcony and corridor, rolling curtain, stairs, etc. of buildings, as well as high-grade interior and exterior decoration shopping malls of airport station, hotel, museum, opera house, concert hall, office building, exhibition hall, etc.

The scale mesh curtain has the characteristics of non combustion, high strength, firmness and easy maintenance. It has the advantages of strong protection and strong function. The decorative effect is vivid and firm, which can well protect the building structure. Its installation is simple and fast, and its appearance is unique and elegant. Different light, different environment, different time, different perspective will show different viewing effect.

In different occasions, different purposes, can show elegant temperament, special personality and noble taste. Scale mesh curtain is made of scale pole or scale cable. According to the braiding form of the fabric, it is composed of horizontal scale strips of various shapes passing through the vertical scale cable, and the materials used include stainless steel, high-strength corrosion-resistant chromium steel, etc. There are also special surface treatment, such as gold, silver, titanium, tin and other non-ferrous elements. It has a wide range of applications and significant decorative effect, has become a new favorite of the mainstream architectural art.




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