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Boedon industech Limited

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АДРЕС:East industrial Zone, Anping, Hebei, China

  • Protection of environment in protection of rope mesh green wall
    Rope mesh green wall can also protect the environment in protection. The permeability of the rope mesh green wall is very good, so it is beneficial for the viewers to further appreciate the animal's life. Because the rope mesh green wall has metal texture and noble feeling, it can make the whole zoo show a high-end and atmospheric feature... 2021-05-15
  • Protection of expanded metal machine guarding
    Expanded metal machine guarding is a kind of protective product specially designed for protecting metal mesh machine. According to its different practical application conditions, different materials can be selected to make robot protective clothing to meet the use needs. The expanded metal machine guarding made of different materials can ... 2021-05-14
  • Scale mesh curtain surface treatment process
    The materials of scale mesh curtain are various. Scale mesh curtain is made of high-quality stainless steel, aluminum magnesium alloy wire, brass, carbon steel and other alloy materials, which is spiral. It has a good sag, can be folded, and can move freely like the scale mesh curtain. Because of its unique flexibility and silk luster, it... 2021-05-13
  • metal cloth curtain living application place
    Metal cloth curtain is a new type of architectural decoration material. Because of its unique flexibility and gloss of metal wire and metal line, it also directly creates different art styles of metal decoration. Metal cloth curtain has changeable colors. Under the refraction of light, it has unlimited imagination space and beautiful pano... 2021-05-12
  • Installation mode of architectural ring mesh
    Architectural ring mesh is a new type of building decoration material, which is made of high-quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy and high-strength corrosion-resistant chromium steel by special process. Architectural ring mesh is widely used in facade, curtain wall, partition, ceiling, sunshade, balcony, corridor, rolling curtain, stai... 2021-05-11
  • Ring mesh curtain is a new type of building decoration material
    Ring mesh curtain is made of stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, brass wire, copper wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire and other different materials. It has a wide range of applications and significant decorative effect, and has become a new favorite of the mainstream architectural art. With the technological progress in the field... 2021-05-10
  • Wire mesh laminated glass maintenance and cleaning
    There are no requirements for front and back sides of wire mesh laminated glass, but the glass with iron wire should avoid exposing the wire mesh in outdoor humid environment, so as not to affect the application effect of wire mesh laminated glass due to oxidation. Wire mesh laminated glass should be wrapped to avoid strong impact, and so... 2021-05-08
  • External shading and architectural design of metal coil Draper
    The external shading of metal coil Draper is not only the "fashion coat" of architecture, but also the "art background" of transparent glass, and the organic unity of internal and external visual effects. Metal coil drapery, a unique "curtain" structure, creates a sense of streamlined space style. With exquisite and small cover box and wa... 2021-05-07
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